Everyboard Town – Karpacz

The whole Karpacz is a one big freeride town, situated in the heart of Sudety (second highest mountains in Poland). The most popular route for downhill / freeride has 5.5 kilometers. If you’re feeling adventurous you can ride another 5km through the center of Karpacz, because all Karpacz is located on the inclination like the alpine village.

In Karpacz one of the biggest mix board event  in Poland -Everyboard festival, is oranized.  During the festival,  mountainboard contest in Dowhill , Freestyle and one of the bigest longboard event are held . You find here the mountainboard school „Allboards” located at the 1,1 km slope with chair lift.

Closest events: 21th June(Everyboard Festival) and 27th September (DH Championships).